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The following represent important resources for those planning a trip to the Camino Inca.  A little research and knowledge can make the experience much richer.  Moreover, it can prevent surprises that could cause your trek to end in failure.  The more you know, the easier the hike will be.  Moreover, knowledge can save you a lot of money.  Those who do a little comparison shopping for tours are often rewarded with higher quality treks at a more economical price.  It is with great pride that we feature the following quality resources to help you plan your journey on the Camino Inca.

Expedition Photography

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu by Roy Davies
Photographs and notes on the ruins seen along the trail, accounts of two hikes eight years apart and the changes that he observed, and details of a novel - a thriller set in London and Peru which includes episodes on the Inca Trail and in Machu Picchu! A new edition is out and it is available not only in paperback but also as an ebook!

The Mindful Hiker
Where the soul meets the sole. Based on the book, The Mindful Hiker, the site offers inspirational and informational material on hiking and the environment. Sections include a nature photo gallery, Earth Alerts, a different essay each month, and the opportunity to receive a free monthly e-newsletter.


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